21 February 2011

Task 1 Results

Here are the Task 1 Results:
Best to Worst

              3mmag9- Gymnastics

Your scenery was great! It actually showed me
you had the time to put up a nice scenery.
But your background was too safe.


              Rascal313- Ballet                    

I love your scenery, but I thought you should have
added more poses. Overall, I thought it was very 


               IrishLily09- Tap

I understand you had a glitch on your scenery, but like
Rascal313, you should have added more poses.

               Diva6723- Jazz

Your scenery was good, but not great. Your poses
were flawless. But the background is too safe and it
was not the background I was expecting you to use.




                              Task 2 will be posted tomorrow!